A Few Thoughts !

Its just I have recently realised that  the days I end up spending all of my time on social networking sites , makes me feel really bad ! It makes me feel that I am wasting my previous time when I could have been doing something awesome and provide better nutrition to my brain !

I hate this obsession with continuously checking the number of likes , the number of notifications and this constant urge to go on my apps periodically (which ends up becoming numerous  times a day ) .

I just want it to stop ! I just want myself to stop! I seriously want my brain and hands to coordinate on this urge !

Its just that the people who ended up creating all these sites are damn lucky , they have given all of us something to waste our energy and time on , and they are making billions out of it ! Its just I totally respect them , and would want to be on that side than where I am standing right now.!

I just want it to seriously stop ! I love writing on WordPress but I don’t want to obsess over the views or notifications.! Ughhhhhh !


7 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts !

  1. I normally give myself a certain amount of time on certain apps such as FB. But some apps are great such as WP, Pinterest and Youtube.

    Decide which ones are worthwhile and which are not as worthwhile and set yourself some limits!


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