Crush – Because it crushes your heart !

Have you ever had this feeling that you just want to be over your crush .. That it just feels pointless , just so pointless. Well I am going through that now. So I started liking him like a year back, and from then it has been on and off , I did get over him for 6 months in between , but it has come back . And I just want it to be gone completely , not just temporarily …

I just want to box up all my feelings and throw they away , far far away . I am just tired of thinking about someone , giving him my brainspace when  he might not even like me back. 

It just doesn’t feel worth it , I don’t want him to even make a move or anything just talk to me ( and not me ambushing him always ) . * he doesn’t talk to girls , just the required amount *

Stupid crushes . Its just I have this whimsical inkling that he looked at me first , that I used to turn and he used to be looking. Or maybe he was just looking into space .

I believe writing it down would help me . And I will be able to let go my feelings with every word.!


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