Music and Lyrics : George Ezra ðŸ’™ðŸ’™

My forever favourite singers/bands are One Republic , Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons. But today I believe there has been an addition to this list.

Just yesterday on I heard this song Blame It On me by George Ezra and I fell in love with his voice. This song in particular has this chorus ” what you waiting for ” through which I think he wants to say what are you waiting for to happen to take your decisions, to pursue your dreams , to do what you love and be with the one you love .

Next I heard Budapest , which I have to say Damn the music is just amazing. Its the perfect combination of sweet and the hip beat . And I believe through the lyrics he just wants to say to the girl he loves that he’s never leaving her , let people say whatever they want to.! It has the sweetest lyrics ever. 

So I believe I have got a new FAVOURITE singer .!


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