Music and Lyrics : George Ezra ðŸ’™ðŸ’™

My forever favourite singers/bands are One Republic , Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons. But today I believe there has been an addition to this list.

Just yesterday on I heard this song Blame It On me by George Ezra and I fell in love with his voice. This song in particular has this chorus ” what you waiting for ” through which I think he wants to say what are you waiting for to happen to take your decisions, to pursue your dreams , to do what you love and be with the one you love .

Next I heard Budapest , which I have to say Damn the music is just amazing. Its the perfect combination of sweet and the hip beat . And I believe through the lyrics he just wants to say to the girl he loves that he’s never leaving her , let people say whatever they want to.! It has the sweetest lyrics ever. 

So I believe I have got a new FAVOURITE singer .!


Running away !

So I have as a kid always moved from one city to another . Changing 8 schools in that process . Whenever something went wrong anywhere with friends or teachers , I had this mantra ” hey there , you won’t see them after 6 months , so what’s the big deal . Don’t feel bad , you are never going to see them again ” and that has always continued .

So today in college , if at times I have this feeling that I am drawing away from my best friends (it has started suddenly ) I use this same mantra .

But a part of me is tired using it . It scares me that I am so used to running away from feelings . Though I am a person who doesn’t run from challenges, instead I takesthem with all my heart ..

Its just really confusing . Its as if I give myself these timelines , coaxing myself into believing that its a small patch and then I will be away somewhere else .

I believe sometimes that I don’t consider any city to be home, as if I don’t feel that I belong there . That whenever I am anywhere I am thinking about the next place . 

But I want to live in the present not in the unknown future .!

Crush – Because it crushes your heart !

Have you ever had this feeling that you just want to be over your crush .. That it just feels pointless , just so pointless. Well I am going through that now. So I started liking him like a year back, and from then it has been on and off , I did get over him for 6 months in between , but it has come back . And I just want it to be gone completely , not just temporarily …

I just want to box up all my feelings and throw they away , far far away . I am just tired of thinking about someone , giving him my brainspace when  he might not even like me back. 

It just doesn’t feel worth it , I don’t want him to even make a move or anything just talk to me ( and not me ambushing him always ) . * he doesn’t talk to girls , just the required amount *

Stupid crushes . Its just I have this whimsical inkling that he looked at me first , that I used to turn and he used to be looking. Or maybe he was just looking into space .

I believe writing it down would help me . And I will be able to let go my feelings with every word.!

Love💙 ?

I have never fallen in love , ( though sometimes a person never knows )
I am a true romantic at heart , though my brains very PRACTICAL… !

So I know maybe I can’t understand its emotion to its full length , but I m a major fan of anything rom-com , especially movies (they give my stressed mind peace ) and I guess I have learned a lot from them .

Its just 


There is nothing wrong in being selfish , but I believe at times we humans are mean, just outrightly mean .. Not accepting that wonderful thing we have right in front of us … !

I just really really hope I am not like that !

My heart going thum-thum!

So I have this dream . I have had it from when I was 10 . And at last I have just got a year to catch it with all my heart and make it mine.

But there are these pebbles on the way which are supposed to be complementary to my life and not its main headline!

I hate feeling stressed. I hate it when my hearts going at such a speed that it could beat Usain Bolt . That I have to eventually watch a Rom-com to get it back to normal.

A year back I was frustrated because I had nothing to do .!

Now I am frustrated because I have too much to do.!

I believe we humans are one funny beings.

I just want to baby myself in believing that its all right . That it will be all right !

I want to open my arms wide , and just let go ❤️


You can love them , 

You can hate them.

But one phone call , 

the smile in their voice ,  

Is all that’s required to mend all the broken strings.

To bring back all the memories of why you love them , and delete all the ones which made you sad .

Because family is family 

Always 💙💙

A Few Thoughts !

Its just I have recently realised that  the days I end up spending all of my time on social networking sites , makes me feel really bad ! It makes me feel that I am wasting my previous time when I could have been doing something awesome and provide better nutrition to my brain !

I hate this obsession with continuously checking the number of likes , the number of notifications and this constant urge to go on my apps periodically (which ends up becoming numerous  times a day ) .

I just want it to stop ! I just want myself to stop! I seriously want my brain and hands to coordinate on this urge !

Its just that the people who ended up creating all these sites are damn lucky , they have given all of us something to waste our energy and time on , and they are making billions out of it ! Its just I totally respect them , and would want to be on that side than where I am standing right now.!

I just want it to seriously stop ! I love writing on WordPress but I don’t want to obsess over the views or notifications.! Ughhhhhh !